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Etsy store: Just A Second on Main


by Renie Gile

Our Story

In 1999 when I needed a place to pursue my love of antiques and decorating, I rented  a booth in Jenning's Antiques and Consignments in North Towne Shopping Center at North Main and Riverside in Rockford, IL.  When Jennings moved to the Old North End, we moved with them.  When Jennings closed, we joined Sandy Brewer and her fantastic Pink Cupboard family which was located in what is now the Prairie Street Brewhouse. We moved with The Pink Cupboard in 2002, to Hwy 173 at the old Lane's Country Market. When The Pink Cupboard closed, we moved to LaDida on North Main Street and then from June 2009 - August 2014, I had a free-standing store in the same building as John Gile Communications

Recently, because of the planned widening of North Main Street, and our building being torn down, Just A Second has become primarily an online store at Etsy. (See link above). But we will also post items on Facebook or Instagram and you can message me to arrange for pick up. We are always up for visitors. Just text to make sure we are in.

Just A Second has been a labor of love which has introduced me to a whole new group of friends who share my love of vintage and decorating.  I am blessed to be able to share my dream with them.